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My name is Katrine and I got my breeding name September 2016. I have a small, home based cattery with Norwegian Forest Cat. 

At the time am I living in Bergen, where I'm working as an enigneer in water and sewage. In 2020 i moved into a house I've bought. Here the cats have a lot of place and they also have a terracce to use in the summer. By 2015, I completed my education as an process operator.  

I've always had the interest for cats, and my family got our first cat in 2007. It was a beautiful tortoise and white long haired cat. 

I decided to buy my own cat in 2013 and landed on the breed Norwegian Forest Cat and a blue spotted boy. It was never the plan to attend any shows with him, but as the breeder wanted to borrow him to show the litter, I decided to visit the show and I got addicted! 
As my living situation changed, the cat had to move home to my parents, and he is now my mum's cat. 

I also often travel home to my parents in Lavik. The cats love to be there, having a big area outside for them to run and play on. We do often take the speed boat when travelling between Lavik and Bergen, and the cats loves to take the boat!

The kittens will be well socialized, as the grow up in our living room together with both two- and four legged. 

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